Our Process

Step 1

We prepare your property to be move-in ready

The first step in our process is to get your property Rent-Ready! This includes maintenance and quality control walk throughs. Check out the steps below to learn more about our process.

RentSimple will conduct an Initial Onsite Analysis of your home and prepare a report that identifies any repairs, painting, or cleaning that is needed. They may also note any special features of the home or safety concerns.

After the onsite walkthrough we will develop a plan of action to get any repairs or updates done. Then RentSimple will give a projected timeline to complete noted items and a target date to have the home on the market.

RentSimple will provide a quote for any work to the property that you don’t want to handle on your own, from replacing a smoke detector, to remodeling your entire kitchen.  If you need it done, we can get it done!

Once all the work is completed, a quality control walk through will be performed. Invoices for work performed will be reviewed and paid by our team, on your behalf.

property preparation up

Step 2

We market your property and manage all tenant showings

The second step of our process is using our advanced marketing strategies so that you get the most out of your investment!

First Impressions matter, that’s why we always hire a professional photographer to shoot high quality fusion photos of your property.

Using a special 3D camera, we create a virtual walk through of your property. This allows prospective renters to walk your home virtually and provides a detailed floor plan of your home.

A custom ad description will be created that highlights the home’s features and amenities, as well as additional information such as included utilities, special lease terms, etc.

The listing will be posted through Zillow’s paid premium service and syndicated to the most-trafficked websites, including Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, HotPads,, and

A proprietary lease will be prepared that includes specific property details, including any additional required disclosures, to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Properties will be set up for self-access showings that allows prospective renters to view the home on their own time, 7 days a week. After an initial and secure screening, prospective renters are assigned a showing agent and given a unique one-time code to access keys in a lock box placed at the property. Once the showing is completed, they’ll be asked for feedback and sent a link to our rental application.

property marketing

Step 3

Tenant screening and moving in qualified tenants

The 3rd step of our process is to find the most qualified tenant for your property. Learn more about how we screen and select tenants below. 

Our goal is to only place high quality tenants in your property. Therefore, we perform a credit history check, background check, rental history check, and income verification to screen tenants. Only tenants who meet our strict rental criteria will be approved to lease the property.

Our leasing team will follow up with the approved applicants to answer any questions and get a lease signed. Once signed, we will collect move in funds and deposits.

After the lease is signed, we will collect a copy of their renters insurance, and if applicable, any HOA documents, and ensure utilities have been transferred. We will get them set up in their online portal and ready for move-in day! We will also give them important information about how to properly maintain the home as if it were their own.

Within 5 days of move in a final walk through will be conducted to ensure the home is in great condition. During the walk through, the condition of the property will be documented, and any potential repairs will be addressed or logged for future reference.

rental leasing 1

Step 4

Making the collection and disbursement of Rental funds Simple

The 4th step of our process is the foundation of being a Landlord, paying the rent! We collect the rent and transfer it to you. Learn about your step-by-step process below.

Our Tenants have 24/7 access to a bank grade secure Online Portal where they can pay rent via E-Check or Credit Card. We making paying the rent simple!

The most important part of being a Landlord is getting your rent disbursement. We pay all our Owners by the 14th of each month via ACH distribution. This means the money gets in your bank account quick!

In the rare instance of eviction, we handle the entire process. This includes serving the notice to pay, filing an unlawful detainer with an attorney, going to court if necessary and doing a sheriff’s lockout.

rent collection updated

Step 5

We make renting Simple

Tenant support is a fundamental pillar of our property management process. Learn more about our tenant support options below.

Tenants have a dedicated point of contact who they can send inquiries and concerns to. They are also provided with our after-hours maintenance phone number in case of emergencies. With these two systems in place, tenants can call or text at anytime.

All new tenants are given online portal access to pay rent and submit maintenance requests with ease.

If tenants violate their lease terms, we swiftly take action and follow up to ensure the tenants are back in compliance as soon as possible.

From roommate changes to adding pets to installing an electric vehicle charger, we handle all lease modification requests and advise you on your landlord rights and restrictions around the request.

Tenant support image

Step 6

Protecting and maintaining your biggest asset

We take all necessary precautions and best practices to ensure your property remains in good condition throughout the tenancy. 

Over our 10 years in business, we’ve found that many maintenance requests can be reduced by troubleshooting with our tenants. In order to prevent sending vendors out as much as possible, we’ve created dozens of troubleshooting videos & steps for our tenants. We make every best effort to handle the issue without incurring extra costs.

When a maintenance request does require a vendor, we use our high quality and extensive network of trusted vendors to get the job done.

All non-emergency work over $500 will receive your approval.

Vendors swiftly send their invoices for work performed and we require photos of the completed work

Tenants can text or call our after hours emergency line so that vendors can be contacted 24/7

property management updated

Step 7

Property Performance Tracking: Monthly and annual financial reports

We want to help you make the most of your rental property. That’s why we curate financial property performance documents to help you receive the most from your investment. 

On the first business day of every month we will provide you with an owner statement showing the income and expenses for the previous month.

Monthly expenses will be listed on your owner statement and you will receive a detailed invoice and photos of the work performed.

In January we will provide you a Cash Flow statement for the previous year. The Cash Flow statement will detail the income and expenses for the property. Simply give this to your tax preparer along with any other expenses you may have paid outside of the trust account.

financial documents updated 1

Step 8

Annual walkthroughs

Our goal with annual inspections is to make sure we address property concerns before they become a serious expense. Check out our annual inspection procedures below to learn more about how we safeguard your property.

Since 2019, Landlords in Virginia are responsible for annual testing and certification of all Smoke detectors installed in the property as well as making sure the correct number are installed in the right location. RentSimple handles this inspection for their clients.

All plumbing fixtures are inspected to look for visible signs of water damage so potential issues are caught before they become major problems.

To ensure the home and tenant are well-cared for, property photos are taken of the exterior and interior of the home during the Annual Assessment along with notes on the general condition of the home.

RentSimple sends Air Filters to the home on a bi-monthly basis labelled with an expiration date. We will check to make sure it is being installed correctly and ensure the resident with keeping these up to date.

All walkthrough reports are stored on your online portal and sent you for your records.

annual inspection

Step 9

Your expert property manager proactively contacts you to review a lease renewal offer

We handle the lease renewal process for you. Learn more about how we negotiate rent increases and lease extensions below. 

Comparable properties are researched and data is used to recommend the rental rate for a renewal offer. We collaborate with you on sending an offer that maximizes the chances of a renewal.

We draft the lease extension including annual disclosures required by law. We will handle all negotiations with the tenant. Once signed by the tenant, we will sign the renewal agreement on your behalf. We add this renewal document to your owner portal for you to access at any time.

lease renewal

Step 10

Coordinating Move outs and Security Deposit Refunds

When tenants are ready to move our, we coordinate the move out process, inspections, and disbursements of security deposits according to California law.

Clear instructions are provided to outgoing tenants on our property condition standards and how to give possession back to us.

Tenants can exercise their right by law, to a Pre Move Out Inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to identify what items may be deducted from their security deposit, and give them enough time to fix them if they choose, before moving out.

We begin the process of transferring utilities back to us to ensure they remain on during the vacancy. This is important to facilitate any needed repairs, cleaning, and showing of the property until it is leased again.

Similar to our initial walk through, a Leasing Manager will conduct a walk through and prepare a report that identifies any repairs, painting, or cleaning that is needed. Additionally, they’ll identify items that need repair, cleaning, or replacement that can be deducted from the security deposit.

In accordance with state law, any unused funds of the security deposit will be returned to the tenants, along with a detailed statement and accompanying invoices, within 21 days.

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