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Marketing Arlington Rental Properties While on Assignment Abroad

When you’re on Foreign Service assignment overseas, the last thing you want to have on your mind is how your Arlington rental Properties are doing back home. However, we know as expert providers of property management services to property owners in our area that it’s still hard to shake the worry when you’re thousands of miles away. Combine that with an inability to physically check up on your properties in person, and that concern only compounds. What if something serious happens? 

For example, one of your renters could reach the end of their lease and decide they don’t want to renew. That means you have to somehow market your property and find a new resident—from half a world away. These are some situations in which having a great Arlington property management partner is a real blessing.

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An Empty Property Costs You Money

You may not think of yourself first and foremost as a property investor. But if you own a rental propertyeven a single property with a single residentthen that property is an investment, and it’s important to protect it. That’s no small task when you’re overseas—but as a Foreign Service Officer, you know that that’s part of the job description.

One of the most common issues Arlington rental property owners have to deal with is turnover for their great spaces. This is also one of the hardest hurdles to overcome when you aren’t anywhere near your rental homes! When a renter gives notice that they don’t intend to renew your lease, the additional work can quickly pile up.

  • You’ll need to return the renter’s security deposit (assuming they haven’t damaged the property in any way).
  • You’ll need to inspect the property to ensure it’s in the same good condition you left it in.
  • Don’t forget to make any necessary updates or repairs to the property before renting it out again.
  • You’ll need to prepare to market your Arlington rental home to find your next great renter.
  • Be sure to screen each applicant thoroughly and ethically to comply with fair housing law!
  • Select a great person for your great spaces and prepare the lease for signing.
  • Inspect and document your property’s condition before move-in day.
  • Don’t forget to collect the security deposit and first month’s rent!

Plus, you have to be prepared to complete this whole cycle again with each vacancy.

This can be a challenge when you live next door to your property—let alone halfway across the world! What happens when you’re in another country with spotty cell service and unreliable internet access? Every day your property is vacant, it costs you money.

The simplest solution is to work with a trusted Arlington property management company that can do all of the above for you. 

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How Arlington rental Properties Management Helps You

Property managers wear many hats. They collect rent, oversee maintenance, handle evictions when necessary—just about anything that has to be done to keep your great spaces producing lasting returns. But one of the greatest benefits a property management team brings to the table is their marketing savvy. That’s part of the reason why, when you choose a property management company, it’s important to choose a local one. 

An Arlington property management company brings years of experience in the local market to the table—and an intimate understanding of the challenges Northern Virginia property investors face. We know how to list your property, set the right rental rate, and find your next renter with the shortest possible vacancy period.

A good property manager like RentSimple starts looking for a new renter as soon as your current resident gives notice. We use the latest tools and technology to market your property and find the next great people for your great spaces.

  • Detailed rental analysis: In order to maximize the profitability of your great spaces, we analyze market trends and similar rentals in your city and neighborhood to arrive at the ideal listing price for your property.
  • Professional listing photos: Great photos give every property listing a huge advantage, and we’re proud to offer professional listing photography to all of our clients.
  • Zumper and Zillow partnerships: As a syndication partner of the Zumper and Zillow Network, we are able to offer a huge advantage in finding good rental leads in our area.
  • 3D-showing technology: We use 3D rendering to give each prospective tenant the opportunity to take a virtual tour of your property remotely, and self-showing technology so they can tour the property on their own schedule.
  • Thorough renter screening: A thorough and FCRA-compliant tenant screening process ensures that you get a great renter for your great spaces who will pay rent on time and respect your property. We even offer pet screening, should you choose to allow animals in your property!

We believe that the process of renting your great spaces to great people should be simple! Many of our long-term clients are Foreign Service Officers, and we understand the stresses and challenges that come with being deployed overseas and leaving your property behind.

At RentSimple, we’re committed to providing the very best Arlington property management services. Get in touch with us to secure your lasting returns!

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