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Do Foreign Service Officers Need Property Management?

When your work takes you all over the world, if you have a Fairfax rental property (or are considering renting out your home), you’ll rely more heavily on a property manager than other investors might. That makes finding and working with only the best  property management company.

  • This partner must have the necessary skills to be able to assist you and give you peace of mind about your property investments and the great people in your great spaces.
  • Knowledge of the Fairfax rental market, the Northern Virginia area, the make-up of the typical renter population, and a top-notch reputation are all key for your success.

Here are just a few precise needs that foreign service personnel should expect from their property manager—and some ways to make sure you access the best services that your  property management team has to offer!

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A Reputation for Serving Military Members

There’s no way around it: If you’re looking for a high-quality experience from your property management partner, then they need to have an unparalleled reputation in the world of serving military members and their families.

The Northern Virginia area has such a strong government presence, including the military, that a property manager who doesn’t understand elements of service that are distinct for a military family won’t do well. If you want to ensure you’ve found the best property management in Northern Virginia, investigate their track record for serving military renters and their approach to turnover.

Many of your potential residents will likely be coming from either a military or government background and are temporary placements with a similar career track to you, so that makes this kind of experience essential while you’re abroad on assignment.

Clarity on Lease Terms Related to Sudden Military Orders

You don’t want a property management team that hasn’t worked extensively with military residents, because their experience of renting is different from a typical rental agreement. Breaking a lease often carries fees and responsibilities, but military personnel have particular reasons—such as deployment—which can lead to breaking the lease legally and under certain protections.

Your  property management team should know and understand these regulations, so they can advise you and your residents alike to make sure the whole process of ending a lease happens by the book. Choosing the right property manager means asking questions up front about how they work with military renters, given the large amount of military personnel in this area.

Their understanding of lease terminology will help you to create legal and fair leases that address these issues and move forward confidently as an investor—no matter which time zone you’re in.

Committed to Ensuring 24/7 Availability

As foreign service personnel, your time is precious—and you don’t want to wake up somewhere else in the world to frantic emails from those who are renting your investment property.

  • Instead, your local  property manager should have a commitment to 24/7 responses to the needs of the great people in your great spaces.
  • They should make your residents feel like they have quick, clear access to the resources they need to manage the day-to-day of their rental home.

At the same time, a property owner’s requests should receive the same level of urgency with your chosen  property management partner. If you request changes to the property or need something to be checked, you want your property management team to respond immediately and get out to the property promptly.

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Property Maintenance and Makeready Excellence

Renters in the Northern Virginia area expect the highest quality service as well as an available housing stock that is well-maintained. You don’t want to work with a property manager who will slowly let wear and tear reduce the quality of your high-end rental properties. Instead, you want to rely on a local property management company that understands the high expectations that command competitive rates here in Northern Virginia.

  • Your property manager should know how to pay strong attention to detail during the Makeready Process during turnover to prepare for new renters.
  • The Makeready Process is a clear moment to take stock of your Fairfax rental properties and make major or minor repairs and upgrades, bringing your property up-to-speed between residents.
  • This level of care truly wows prospective renters, so that you receive the high rental rates you deserve from a variety of qualified rental applicants.
  • Successfully completing the Makeready Process makes it easier for your property manager to simply address concerns quickly as they arise throughout a long-term rental stay.

Rather than having a resident send an unhappy laundry list during their first few weeks in the property, you can impress them further when they find the home actually exceeds their previous expectations. This strategy puts you in a good position to get referrals for other properties, which saves you time and effort as an investor if you intend to grow.

Want to work with the best services that  Northern Virginia has to offer to foreign service personnel? Choose RentSimple! We are your resource for exceptional property management in the Northern Virginia area. We understand the local Fairfax rental market and can help you develop long-term cash flow—no matter where your service takes you.


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