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Cleaning Between Renters: Our Tips!

As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your rental home is ready for renters once the current residents move out. It may seem like a simple task, but it involves various processes such as inspection, maintenance, and thorough cleaning. Additionally, the process may be tedious, but luckily, you can rely on Arlington Property Management to help you out. Over time, you will easily attract great people who will be willing to pay the right price, and it adds longevity to each of your units. Below are some tips that will help you reap these rewards.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

It’s advisable to have rental homes cleaned by professionals. Arlington Property Management experts will ensure that your rental homes have the best look for enticing prospective residents. Owing to their experience, they know all the sensitive areas; thus, they will make sure every area looks spotless.

Even though renters should dust some areas, such as the blinds, you will want them to be cautious. Blinds and other fragile items in the house can easily break, which may deplete your savings depending on the replacement costs. You may decide to do the cleaning in some of these areas, but end up spending hours, if not days, on them. Relying on a team of experts to perform these tasks will save tons of time, as they’ll complete the work quickly using special equipment.

Perform Necessary Maintenance

As you wait for the next renter, carry out a quick assessment within the house for any maintenance needs. Remember that rarely will a resident follow a checklist; thus, there is a chance they are leaving your house in poor condition. Check for leaky sinks, faulty doorknobs, broken window locks, holes on walls, and more. You will have to fix these areas before a new renter arrives. Further, check all the appliances, as some may be faulty and might need repair or replacement.

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Take Charge of the Move-out Inspection

The move-out process is crucial for any property owner. At this stage, a resident can dispute property damages. However, if you are present, you may avoid paying for some false claims. Further, you will have a clear idea of the remaining repairs and which ones the resident needs to handle.

It’s also the perfect time to hand over any associated refunds while avoiding possible haggling later on. Remember to get back all the keys and duplicates.

Paint and Patch the Walls

The best time to paint and patch your spaces is when a resident moves out, especially if they had lived in your property for a while. If possible, make it a regular practice to keep the walls in perfect condition in between leases.

Use fresh paint on all indoor areas of the house, including doors, ceilings, trims, and walls. Depending on the nature of the property’s exterior, you’ll likely be able to wait longer to repaint. However, keep in mind that one of the best ways of maintaining curb appeal is through painting. New patchwork and correctly painting your property creates a fresh appearance for potential clients who can become long-term renters.

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Examine the Outside Area

Whether your property has a balcony or backyard, don’t forget to scour those exterior areas. Keep in mind that these places are just as important as the interior spaces to your next renter. If you have dirty sidewalks, doors, siding, windows, gutters, porches, and driveways, it can negatively impact a potential resident’s opinion of your property.

Don’t only mow the lawn. Instead, get a pressure washer for the outdoor grime and make sure the landscaping is fresh and neat and remember to empty the gutters regularly.

Eliminate Lingering Mold

If the previous renter wasn’t cleaning the bathroom correctly, some mold might be left in the shower or behind the walls. Ensure you eliminate all mold, as it is toxic and can harm the next resident, especially if they have respiratory conditions. While cleaning, wear a mask to avoid inhaling the dangerous spores and have a fan running to circulate the air.

Once done, you can enhance or install a ventilator fan in the bathroom to ease airflow. Additionally, work on any areas where water pools without draining, as this can also lead to mold and mildew.

Clean the Carpets

Develop a habit of cleaning the carpets before a new resident arrives. If you don’t have a carpet cleaning machine, you can hire one or ask for assistance from Arlington Property Management. Remember that vacuuming will not eliminate germs and the deep-set dirt or stains.

Key Takeaway

If your renter just moved out or has plans to leave in the coming weeks, come up with a cleaning plan. By utilizing the above tips, cleaning between residents should be an easier task. It is also a great way to add value to your property, and you can ask for more in rent because great residents will be eager to move in.

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