What Is the Rent Guarantee Offered by RentSimple?

We Guarantee Your Rent. It's That RentSimple.

How we do it, however, is not simple! When choosing the best Northern Virginia property management company, investors can trust that the RentSimple team is committed to ensuring property owners never wonder where their income payments are—or ‘if’ they’re getting paid this month. 

We apply years of experience and expertise towards creating a simple (and profitable) experience for property investors! Because of these efforts, we can offer our RentSimple Rent Guarantee. It’s part of the Five-Point Guarantee included in our full-service pricing, and it sets us apart from other property management in the Fairfax area! 

So, what is the Rent Guarantee? How do we do it? What does it mean for Northern Virginia property owners? We do everything we can to make sure the property owners we serve get paid with our timely rent collection services!

What Is the RentSimple Rent Guarantee?

The great people living in your great spaces can be unpredictable—but your monthly income shouldn’t be unpredictable at all! Property owners can depend on RentSimple to deliver your payments every month without worry—regardless of payment delays or nonpayments, we get you rent on time. It’s all part of our dedication to your peace of mind through exceptional customer service!

The RentSimple Rent Guarantee means:

  • Whether you own a single-family home or multi-family property, if a renter doesn’t pay rent, RentSimple has you covered.
  • 100% of the rental amount not paid by the tenant in any month is paid directly to you each month by RentSimple!

We do our best to serve you before a situation ever reaches this point, but if we have to honor our Rent Guarantee, we always will. However, we prefer to put the best Northern Virginia property management processes in place to make sure your renters pay the rent on time every month—so we can pay you on time, too! Rent collection should never be up for debate when we manage properties.

We stand by our work to the point that we know your residents will pay the rent on time. If they don’t, that’s on us! We’ll make it right to our property owners while we work to recover lost rental income. The loss is ours, not yours! That’s the kind of peace of mind that only professional property management services can buy.

How Can We Offer This Guarantee?

We work hard behind the scenes to make our guarantee simple for property owners to receive the benefits—even if a rental payment doesn’t come in on time. There’s no reason for property owners to suffer from a delay in your monthly payments because the renters we manage didn’t pay the rent! 

Our guarantee is backed by our thorough and detailed screening and placement process, as well as our rent collection services. We minimize the potential for residents to delay a rental payment or refuse to pay at all. Here’s how!

We Prioritize Rent Collection

No matter the situation, RentSimple expertly handles rent collection. Even when economic conditions are business-as-usual, rent collection can be challenging when you have multiple properties and renters. When a crisis hits, RentSimple knows how to prioritize rent collection with a compassionate approach to encourage the great people in your great spaces to continue paying the rent. 

RentSimple also makes it as easy as possible for tenants to pay the rent as part of our routine process! They don’t have to write a check and deliver it to a leasing office that’s out of their way every month. Our secure online portal system allows the renters we serve to pay the rent online! 

  • They can pay manually every month with the click of a button. 
  • If they’re traveling (or just don’t want to forget to pay the rent), our system makes it easy to schedule payments. 

We commit to our property owners when you choose us! That means we prioritize protecting your investments and your lasting returns—even during a crisis. While it’s critical to work with tenants to help them pay their rent, we do that with an eye on your bottom line.

We Prioritize Quality Renter Selection

We can’t promise that everyone we place in your great spaces is going to be the best renter you’ve ever had, but we definitely work hard to make that happen! No matter your ideal renter, we don’t place a resident in your great spaces without making sure they meet your criteria, our criteria, and pass a thorough background screening. 

Good tenants pay the rent on time every month without reminders or delays! When we choose your next tenants, whether in Fairfax or Falls Church, we put applicants through our careful screening process to make sure we select renters with a history of on-time payments. 

Our guarantee is backed by the tenants we place in your properties! We honor it no matter how a placement turns out, but we trust our selection process to choose renters our property owners can count on to deliver their rental payments. 

However, while we don’t waste any time finding your next Fairfax renter, we also won’t rush the process or risk placing a ‘Professional Tenant’ in your great spaces. Our tenant selection process includes:

  • Credit screening
  • Employment and income verification
  • Prior rental history
  • Criminal history
  • Pet screening (for properties that allow tenants with pets).

If a potential tenant has a history of late payments or evictions, they’re not a good fit for your properties. Our Northern Virginia property management expertise means we choose tenants that help us honor our RentSimple Rent Guarantee! If we can’t depend on them to pay the rent every month, we won’t trust them with your rental properties.

However, if we place a renter that struggles to pay the rent, you won’t suffer the consequences. Our guarantee means we still pay you while we work to replace a renter that doesn’t fit your great spaces with a better one! 

We Prioritize Excellent Renter Relationships

When we find top-quality tenants, we want them to stay in your property for more than one lease term! Building good tenant relationships helps us help our property owners make lasting returns. It also helps us know we can depend on consistent rental payments for you every month!

Maintaining good relationships with your tenants also makes it easier to collect the rent! We reduce the potential for renters to withhold the rent for any retaliatory reason, and we keep communications open to help your residents feel at home—and ready to pay the rent for enjoying their home every month. 

Excellent tenant relationships don’t stop at good communication or checking in with them when it’s time for rental payments to come in every month. RentSimple goes above and beyond to provide the best rental experience to keep renters happy—and hopefully returning for another lease term!

Delighting your renters and keeping them comfortable in your Fairfax rental property means we provide excellent services, including:

  • Professional maintenance services—24/7
  • A tenant portal to pay the rent and stay informed
  • Open communication through the tenant portal, email, text, or phone
  • Routine property inspections to make sure your rentals keep your tenants safe and happy!

Your renters know that with professional Northern Virginia property management from RentSimple, they have an available team to make their stay a positive experience! When quality tenants renew their lease, we know that we’re providing the level of customer service renters and property owners look for in the Northern Virginia area.

Not All Property Managers Guarantee the Rent—But RentSimple Does!

We stand behind our services by guaranteeing your rent. Not every property manager can (or will) offer that same level of confidence and customer service to property investors—but you shouldn’t settle for anything less! 

If never worrying that you’ll see an income payment every month sounds good to you as an investor, RentSimple is your best choice as your Northern Virginia property management team. Every service we provide—including rent collection—supports the income you need from your investment properties, and we guarantee it! Let’s get you started with our RentSimple Rent Guarantee!

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