What Is the Happiness Pledge?

We'll Always Make Things Right. It's That RentSimple.

What does your happiness mean to us? Everything! 

We know that not every rental property owner was born to be an investor—but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy long-term investment income from your great spaces! Technically speaking, being an “investor” simply means you own investment properties. The management and day-to-day details can land on someone else’s plate while you enjoy the monthly income!

The happiest investors don’t do the work to keep their properties well-maintained and profitable. If you’ve thought about trying your hand at owning a rental property, you don’t have to be afraid of the work involved or your loss of time or freedom. 

Whether you decide to buy an investment property or turning your home into a rental is the way you become an investoras the best Northern Virginia property management provider, RentSimple can make it one of the happiest experiences of your investing career!

That’s why RentSimple offers our Happiness Pledge to investors. It’s part of our 5 Point Guarantee Program! We know that not everyone comes to us with the same expectations about how to manage rental properties. We also realize this: we’re not perfect. 

Our Happiness Pledge means we’ll make it right if our services fail to make you happy—and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied throughout our partnership. 

What Is the RentSimple Happiness Pledge?

It’s simple—and we take it very seriously. Northern Virginia property management should make your life easier. If you’re worried about the renters living in your great spaces or if you’ll get paid this month, you’re not having fun as an investor. 

That’s the heart of our Happiness Pledge! Renting should be fun—or we’ll make it right. We also won’t try to convince you to be happy with our services if you’re not. Instead, we’ll apply the Happiness Pledge in this way:

  • If you’re not satisfied, we hope you’ll allow us to correct where we fall short and rise to your expectations. 
  • If we can’t get there and you’re still unhappy (for any reason), we’ll credit you one month of management fees—and you can cancel our contract.

We’re that serious about our services and your success as a Northern Virginia property investor! Your great spaces deserve the best property management—no excuses. Here’s how we work hard to keep investors (and their residents) happy!

We Choose Quality Residents

Why do the great people in your great spaces matter? They improve your bottom line!

Money isn’t the key to happiness, but we know that profitable rental properties make our investors happier than failing properties. One of the most critical aspects of a successful property is placing the best quality renters. 

We don’t believe in leaving anything about your property to chance—and that includes the people we allow into your property. Residents must pass a thorough background screening and meet your criteria before we give them a key and help them move into one of your great spaces!

Thorough Screening Keeps Investors Happier

It’s not enough to “pick” a renter. Bad residents don’t pay the rent, violate the terms of the lease agreements, and cause damage to your property. They create expensive problems that can derail an investor’s income, and we’re not okay with that. 

We don’t want to put your property or income at risk by placing a difficult resident in your property—so we do the work to make sure we only choose the best residents! 

Our screening process includes: 

  • Credit history
  • Employment and income verification
  • Criminal history
  • Reference checks
  • Prior rental history.

We also follow the laws for fair and non-discriminatory renter screening practices. It does not serve investors well to choose renters without strictly adhering to the guidelines for fair screening processes! Our attention to these regulations keeps investors safe from lawsuits while we place the best residents into your properties. 

Your great spaces deserve great residents. When renters are happy, property owners are happy, too! 

We're Vigilant About Your Property

We never move a renter in and then disappear until it’s time to renew! We know that just about anything can (and will) go wrong with a rental property if we’re not diligent about keeping an eye on things. 

When properties fall into disrepair or residents complain about maintenance issues, property owners aren’t happy! We never want that to happen, so we apply our expert inspection and maintenance services to keep up with the status of your property. 

If we fail to meet your expectations for the care of your property, you’re covered by our Happiness Guarantee—but here’s a little bit about how we work hard to care for your property and residents.

Our process includes:

  • Scheduled move-in, move-out, and mid-lease inspections
  • On-call maintenance services to respond to renter requests 24/7
  • Preventative routine maintenance to protect your property
  • Professional licensed and screened maintenance vendors.

We’re available to renters and keep eyes on your property throughout the year. While we know things can happen and stuff will break from time to time, we work hard to prevent major disasters and expensive repairs. 

We also keep an eye on your residents! Choosing quality residents helps reduce the risk of renter-related damage, but we never leave them completely unsupervised. Our scheduled inspections and unannounced drive-by inspections help us hold residents accountable for taking care of your property and following the rules of the lease agreement. 

Make sure your Northern Virginia property management prioritizes your properties throughout a lease term. When your property is in excellent condition, and your renters are well-cared-for, investors are happier! 

We Pay You on Time

We assume property investors are happiest when they receive their lasting returns every month. RentSimple understands the importance of on-time payments to our investors, and we guarantee that it happens when you choose our property management services!

From choosing the best residents to preventing disastrous repairs, our team prepares for and executes the best experience for investors and renters. That means we set the expectation for renters that rental payments are due on time every month. 

However, not every renter makes that happen every month—but the rental collection is where we do some of our best work! It’s also an area where we never delay the monthly income payments to our property investors.

Even if a resident doesn’t pay the rent, or they pay a few days late, our property investors still get paid on time. If we’re missing a payment, we pay you for it anyway! It’s our job to keep you happy, and we’re not going to let a late rental payment stand in the way of your happiness. 

We're Happy When You're Happy

If you’re not happy, we aren’t either! RentSimple doesn’t stop working toward your goals and happiness as an investor until you truly are happy with our services and the performance of your portfolio. 

That’s why we’re the best choice for Northern Virginia property management! We’ll apply every ounce of our industry experience, local knowledge, and professional practices to help you reach your investment property goals. We know we can help you build the kind of lasting returns and financial freedom you want, but we understand that we can’t always be the best fit for every investor. 

Contact us to try our services and our Happiness Pledge!

We’ll always do our best, and you can walk away if we can’t make you happy—no penalty and no hard feelings.

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