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We Promise a Great Pet-Renting Experience. It's That RentSimple.

Pets are adorable, lovable—and sometimes destructive. Allowing pets in your residential properties is a big decision, but many rental property owners find it to be a profitable choice to open up their rental properties to renters with pets. After all, the number of families who rent and happen to have pets is increasing year over year, and this allows you to tap into more of the Northern Virginia rental market!

As experts in Northern Virginia property management, RentSimple never wants a property owner to stress about allowing or denying pets. Once a pet lives in your great spaces, we want our investors to have peace of mind about the condition of their rental homes moving forward.

That’s why we offer the RentSimple Good Pet Promise as your management company! We can’t guarantee that even a quality tenant’s pet will be perfect. However, with our pet screening process now backed by our guarantee, property owners don’t have to worry about the financial risk of dealing with pet damage. This makes opening up your rental homes to a wider variety of great people even easier!

Here’s why property owners can benefit from choosing tenants with pets—and how our Good Pet Promise gives you the peace of mind you need to rent confidently! It’s all part of our dedication to customer service.

Renting to Tenants With Pets Is Smart

From millennials to Baby Boomers, a large part of the rental population have pets. Finding a home in the Arlington rental market that allows these renters to bring their pets can be a challenge for these age groups! Not every property owner is willing to deal with pets, pet screenings, or the clean-up after a tenant and pet move out of their great spaces.

However, the smartest property investors understand the value of allowing pets in properties! Dealing with pet fur and the potential for some pet-related damage is a small price to pay for the perks of pets in your Northern Virginia property!

Pet Owners Are Excellent Renters

As the experts in Northern Virginia property management, we know your rental is a significant asset. We understand the desire to keep it in excellent condition and minimize the expense of damage caused by a misbehaving pup or rogue ferret. However, renters with pets are often some of the best tenants you can find for your properties!

Pet owners are:

  • Responsible: Before finding your rental home, it’s possible your future renters have been searching a long time to find a rental home willing to accept them with their pet! To stay in your property, pet-owning renters will take excellent care of your property. They’ll also follow the rules in the lease agreement or pet addendum about cleaning up after their dog, cat, or pet rooster.
  • Dependable: To avoid another search for a pet-friendly property, these renters will pay the rent on time and follow all of the rules in the lease agreement. Pet-owners are often model tenants who renew term after term rather than having to manage the hassle of a move.
  • The majority: The majority of renters in the United States have a pet! This means that if you want your great spaces to receive maximum exposure, opening up your rental homes to pets will help you appeal to more renters.

Choosing renters with pets is one of the best ways to reduce tenant turnover. Tenants who are responsible and dependable help improve your bottom line! 

You might not be a pet-lover—but if you can provide a safe, comfortable rental home for renters who do love their pets, you might enjoy a boost to your income!

We Put Pet Policies in Place to Protect You!

The pet owner might be responsible—but what about their dogs and cats? Before you worry that your properties might become the homes of tenants with unruly pets, we’re here to provide peace of mind for your great spaces. RentSimple’s Northern Virginia property management services include pet policies to protect investors and their properties!

Screening Is for Pets, Too

We know how important it is to thoroughly screen applicants before choosing the right renters for your property. Our commitment to making sure you don’t have to deal with bad residents extends to their pets, too! 

As an expert provider of Northern Virginia property management, we won’t allow a bad pet into your property—even if the pet’s owner passes the tenant screening process with flying colors. We apply pet policies and procedures, including:

  • Working with property owners to develop pet criteria: If you don’t want large dogs, reptile tanks, or ferrets in your property, we won’t let that happen. 
  • Screening every pet: We request vet information, documentation of previous behavior issues, and information about the pet breed during our screening process. We verify vet records to make sure we don’t allow a sick pet in your property. We also confirm that a pet doesn’t have a history of aggression or of causing damage to rental homes. 
  • Requiring pet agreements: Renters must sign a lease addendum agreeing to the rules of owning a pet in your great spaces. This document details how a tenant must clean up after pets, noise rules, and fees for damage caused by the pet. If you require an additional pet deposit to handle deep-cleaning after a tenant moves out, we’ll include that information in the pet agreement. 

While pets can provide increased access to a wider variety of great renters in Arlington, RentSimple won’t choose a renter with a pet that’s a bad move for your real estate. Our job is to protect our property owners with professional property management and keep your great spaces in excellent condition. We’ll never risk damage to your Northern Virginia property for the sake of placing a tenant—and we stand by that promise!

Our Pet Guarantee

As we mentioned earlier, we can’t guarantee that a pet in your property will always be a perfect pet. Even with our screening process and excellent pet policies for your new residents, it’s possible that a dog or cat could cause damage to your property. 

We understand that pets (and people) aren’t perfect—but we believe that allowing tenants that come with a pet is often in the best financial interest of our property owners. That’s why we offer our RentSimple Good Pet Promise! 

Even good pets do bad things sometimes, but we know as an expert in Northern Virginia property management that we can make the process less stressful for property owners. We also never want our investors to deal with the financial cost of a pet that misbehaves. 

We Promise Peace of Mind—Without Risk

At RentSimple, we believe that you shouldn’t leave the care of your great spaces to chance: while we work hard to minimize the chance of pet damage, we offer our Good Pet Promise to cover life’s little accidents.

With our guarantee:

  • As your Northern Virginia property management provider, RentSimple shall warrant and guarantee damage done to the interior of the home or exterior structures from pets that we have placed in your investment property.
  • After we work with you on your criteria for allowable pets, selection of pets shall be at the determination of your RentSimple property manger and shall take into consideration the size of the home and access to exterior grounds to protect your great spaces!

In other words, we follow your criteria and our strict screening policies to find the best Arlington pet owners and pets that fit your property. If a pet that we select damages your property, we own 100% of the responsibility and cost to repair the damage! This is the kind of customer service that property owners deserve.

There’s no risk for property owners when you work with RentSimple to choose great people with great pets to help you generate lasting returns from your great spaces!

Setting New Standards for Northern Virginia Property Management

We provide extraordinary Northern Virginia property management services backed by some of the most extraordinary guarantees you’ll find across the entire industry. Property owners should be able to enjoy the passive income and long-term wealth of your investment properties—without worrying about your great spaces or the great people who call them home.

Our clients deserve the best! RentSimple’s experience in the Northern Virginia area and years of property management expertise helps us deliver results that property investors need. Our guarantees are our promise to make it right—no matter the cost! 

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