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Property Management for Military Service Members Has Never Been Better!

Property Management for Military Service Members Has Never Been Better! Approximately 1.3 million people serve as active duty service members in our nation’s military. In addition to the 1.3 million service members, 800,000 reserve forces proudly serve.

Our fine state of Virginia ranks as one of the top five states with the most active-duty members. As of 2017, when the most recent data was posted, Virginia had 115,280 people working in the military. There are plenty of challenges that come with being deployed—especially if you happen to be part of a dual-military couple. However, a position abroad in the military can also benefit you; you can earn a passive income on your empty home.

The immediate perks of renting out your home are obvious: bring in cash every month instead of letting the house sit empty. Plus, when you can skip the leasing fees, why not make your house a revenue maker? The great thing about renting your home out is that it’s a passive income—which is just extra money in your pocket when you’re deployed.

However, renting out your home must be done correctly: without the right care, your new investment property could quickly become a nightmare. This is where an expert Arlington property management company will ensure you get the best returns on your new investment while you’re away.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of working with an Arlington property management company when you’re in the military.

Selective focus of army soldier working on laptop in kitchenHow Property Management Serves Those Who Serve Us All

The right property manager for active military should be able to meet your needs flexibly. While there are certain property management services that all prospective landlords need, the property management company in Arlington that you work with should recognize how these must be uniquely tailored to military service members.

What are some of the most vital services that you would need if you plan to rent your home? Let’s inspect what you can expect from an expert Arlington property management company.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

You don’t want someone untrustworthy in your home—especially while you’re serving your country abroad. Having an excellent tenant is critical for your peace of mind—and it’s best for your property, too.

Good tenants take excellent care of your property, pay their rent on time, and leave your home in the same condition they found it. At RentSimple, we know that great people can make or break a great space: that’s why we thoroughly screen every applicant before we ever place a tenant in your home.

We also acknowledge that service members have different needs than even long-distance investors—which is why we offer unparalleled guarantees in our industry covering everything from pet damage to eviction. While you’re abroad protecting us, let us protect your property.

Aggressive Marketing Techniques

There’s no reason for your home to sit empty in a market as hot as Arlington! The area is booming with high-paying jobs and hosts a robust rental market. However, trying to find potential tenants while you’re deployed can become an exercise in hurry up and wait: without the ability to market your property, it might be weeks before you have a viable applicant.

You need a property management company in Arlington working aggressively to market your home as well as show it to prospects without you having to lift a finger. This need is exactly why RentSimple offers our 17-day Quick Rent Guarantee! The sooner that the right renter is placed in your property, the sooner you’ll receive passive income—plus, you have the benefit of knowing your home is in good hands.

Handling of All Legal Issues

No matter how hard your Arlington property management company may try, there are times when a seemingly good tenant relationship turns sour. When this happens, you may need to resort to legal action to protect your property—this can be tough to do from thousands of miles away.

The best property managers will understand landlord-tenant law, and will always employ what they know to protect your property and watch your back. When it comes to any potential legal issue, it always helps to have boots on the ground.

Keeping Your Property in Top Shape

It’s good to keep your home occupied to prevent it from becoming a target for theft or vandalism. However, this also leads to a need for regular maintenance and inspections. Any service calls that arise from your renters will also have to be handled promptly, or you risk losing your tenants.

This is where a property management company in Arlington comes in: rest easy knowing that if something breaks down, it will be taken care of without delay. Your investment is secure when an expert property manager takes care of your home in your absence.

Selective focus men shaking hands near american flagEnlisting the Right Company

If you decide to rent your home, selecting a property management company in Arlington to safeguard your investment is the next step. However, you don’t want to go with just anyone: you want someone you can trust.

Securing a property management company that is experienced as well as reputable is essential. Traits to look for in your property management company include:

  • No hidden costs: Some property management companies add leasing fees in addition to their monthly costs. The rates for a property manager should be listed clearly on their website; there shouldn’t be any surprises.
  • Service guarantees: All property management companies worth their salt should offer some form of guarantee to protect your investment in their services.
  • A physical presence: A functional website with cutting-edge rental technology is crucial when it comes to staying competitive and reaching modern renters. However, your property management company of choice should still have a brick-and-mortar location.

If you’re ready to earn passive income from your home after deployment, RentSimple is prepared to assist you with your property management needs. We cover all of the above to offer our partners the peace of mind and security they deserve concerning their homes.


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