Amazon Has Made a Home in the
Arlington Area—Are You Ready?

You’ve probably heard by now: Crystal City will soon be the host of the new Amazon HQ2! This new headquarters will bring plenty of people to the area—but that’s not all! Virginia Tech plans to build a new one-million-square-foot Innovation Campus in Alexandria. As if that’s not enough growth, Ashburn has emerged as North America’s hub for data centers!

If you were ever worried about investing in the Arlington-Alexandria-Ashburn area, there’s never been a better time to create investment roots in an area sheltered by the economic engine of Washington, DC.

Property owners, we hope you’re paying attention: with more job opportunities in the community, it’s an excellent time to make sure people have places to live! Owning a rental property in Arlington, Alexandra, or Ashburn means you have an in-demand resource that provides a service to the growing population in the area.

The growth from new development will soon be unlike anything we’ve seen over the past decade. When you’re in the business of providing housing to a growing rental population, you’ll see steady increases in what you can charge for rent. In the suburbs, you’ll see rent values increase as people new to the area need a home where they can also work remotely. 

In fact, if you have a spare room in your home, it might be the right time to consider renting it out! In a nutshell: it’s an excellent time to own rental properties in the Arlington-Alexandria-Ashburn area! 

To make sure you can keep up with the demand and provide the things renters look for in a rental home, property investors need the best Arlington property management. Keeping up with the demand won’t be easy on your own! 

RentSimple can help rental property owners avoid common landlord mistakes, help you make the right decisions about your rental property, and keep up with the maintenance that makes your properties desirable to tenants! When you’re getting ready to house the growth of Arlington’s economy, here’s how our property management can help. 

Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

Every industry has a learning curve—and owning rental properties is no exception. Most landlords learn how to run a profitable rental property through ‘on-the-job training.’ If you became an accidental landlord by inheriting a property, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and the volume of details required to make money from rentals. 

The good news is that seasoned landlords have worked through plenty of mistakes, too! You’re not alone. However, with professional Arlington property management handling everything from the daily tasks to the big decisions, property investors can avoid many common landlord mistakes!

With Fewer Mistakes, You Make More Money

Avoiding mistakes starts with understanding the current and emerging market. This data can then be used to adapt your rental prices, amenities, and technology to meet what modern renters want in a property. Preparing now for future rental demand in the Arlington-Alexandria-Ashburn area is a smart way to stay competitive—and help your properties become the homes our new workforce will want!

It can be tempting to skip the basics when property investors are eager to hit the market with an available rental—but it can be a big (and expensive) mistake to move too fast. Forgetting to carry out a critical task that can keep you from tanking your investment or losing income can affect both seasoned and ‘entry-level’ landlords. Don’t let this be you!

With RentSimple’s property management expertise, we help property owners:

  • Determine the best monthly rent price based on current rental market conditions. Renters are smart! They know an overpriced property when they see one. The wrong rental price can cause tenants to choose a neighboring rental property over yours. If the rent is too low, you’ll lose money every month!
  • Market your rental property to reach the best tenants. Plus, we reduce the amount of time your rental sits vacant with our Quick-Rent Guarantee. Reducing vacancy times keeps money coming in the door!
  • Screen all tenants before placing anyone in your rental. Choosing the wrong tenant can become a significant hassle that requires a costly resolution. Bad tenants refuse to pay the rent, damage your property, or leave without notice!
  • Handle all leasing paperwork, security deposits, and fees. Mistakes in your property’s legal documents or when handling fees and deposits can lead to lawsuits and fines. 
  • Perform regular property inspections. We keep an eye on the condition of your property. If a tenant forgets to let you know about an issue or they haven’t recognized a problem, a small issue can become a significant (and expensive) issue if it goes unresolved. 

Property owners have plenty of opportunities to make a mistake—but without understanding all that goes into managing a successful rental property, no one expects you to know what to do to avoid them! Arlington property management makes it possible for property owners to step back from the critical details while we do the work for you. Sometimes the best way to avoid mistakes is to let the experts handle it! 

Navigating the Critical Decisions

Should you allow pets in your rental properties? That’s a critical decision for landlords, but without the right information, you could assume that pets are a bad idea! 

As an expert in Arlington property management, we can help property owners navigate decisions from allowing tenants with pets to choosing the best property upgrades to improve your profits. Every property is unique! While there are plenty of best practices and regulations to follow, there is no one-size-fits-all decision that works for all rental properties.

It can be tough to think of a rental home as a “business.” You might want to decorate an investment property to your personal taste or make upgrades that you would make to your personal home. Aside from personal preference and decorating decisions, a property manager also helps you run your property while following current landlord-tenants laws—and yes, they change from time to time! 

RentSimple helps walk you through what’s best for your property, what the rental market supports, and how to make sure your property appeals to the best quality tenants in the area. With expert input, your Arlington, Alexandria, or Ashburn rental property becomes more profitable!


Without top-tier maintenance services, your tenants become unhappy, and your property falls into disrepair. Property maintenance must be a proactive part of your rental property business. When your maintenance game suffers, tenants leave, and you face with expensive repairs that can make your property unprofitable. 

Our Arlington property management experience helps us understand what it takes to keep your rental property in excellent condition year-round! The right maintenance schedule and services help you save money. Spending less on your rental home puts more money in your pocket!

We tackle maintenance in several ways.

  • Seasonal preventative maintenance prepares your properties for changing seasons. It also helps prevent small issues from becoming big problems later.
  • Inspections at move-in, move-out, and mid-lease ensure the condition of your property is maintained from day one.
  • 24/7 availability for emergency maintenance requests ensures your renters receive the best service.
  • A treasure trove of vetted contractors we can put into action right away provide skilled repairs.

We don’t mess around when it comes to maintaining your property! Excellent maintenance is one of the best ways to get more out of your Arlington, Alexandria, or Ashburn rental properties.

People Are on the Way: Prepare Now!

A boom in our area’s population is on the way! Make sure your property is ready to house the people moving to the Arlington, Alexandria, and Ashburn area in the wake of the expanding presence of Amazon, Virginia Tech, and the Dulles Tech Corridor. This growth means jobs, and jobs mean plenty of renters looking for their next home. 

RentSimple is here and ready to help property owners through the process of providing the best rental housing in the area while you generate long-term income! Let’s get started with our Free Rental Analysis.

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